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To be an Experience-Smith—one of those lucky few who crafts realities for our AI overlords—takes more than just talent. The machines already got talent. They want experiences. The rawer, more fucked up, the better. And no one ExS has more fucked up experiences to spoon feed the bots than Stigfield.

Stories in the Experience-Smith storyline:

The Engineer

A Experience-Smith story
· Read in about 3 min · (454 Words)
Stigfield drinks a can of wine or 6.
It wasn’t exactly a job you applied to. Have you ever heard “paid for your trouble?” That was it, in a nutshell. An Experience-Smith’s job was to take their fucked-up life, with its ups, downs, lefts, and rights and repackaged those experiences for consumption. But not like how a filmmaker does it, making the vid-shows for the unwashed masses. And not like some novelist slaving over a manuscript.

The Taste of Failure

A Experience-Smith story
· Read in about 4 min · (733 Words)
Stigfield has another happy customer
On the seventh ring, Stigfield answered. They knew he was home. He knew, they knew he was home. He just didn’t care. A face appeared on the vid screen, gaunt, with high cheekbones, slicked back hair, and a face so symmetrical, skin so clear, as to look fake. And, of course, it was. “The avatar isn’t necessary,” Stigfield said by way of greeting.

The Experience-Smith

A Experience-Smith story
· Read in about 4 min · (788 Words)
The Experience-Smith has another terribily sad and satisfied customer.
“Cue the rain,” Stigfield said, leaning into the microphone. His voice was quiet, somnolent. He always got like that when he worked. No idea why. It’s not as if his clients could hear him. Through his holoport he watched as the couple—his clients—stood in front of that baroque fountain and the rain began to dribble down, just as he ordained. The “man” was tall, rugged, handsome.