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Short stories and illustrations collected by storyline. Some of the stories are ongoing, some are complete, and some I've abandoned. Sorry, I'm easily distracted. If you really want to know how a story ends, reach out to me.

Chains of Faith

Status: Complete

When the onslaught of an Ork invasion makes defeat seem inevitable, each member of Palatine Honna Zhen’s Adepta Sororitas squad reflects on their faith to the God Emperor. Will it be enough? And will He protect?

Stories in the Chains of Faith storyline:

  • The Chain of Faith 

    A Sister of Battle must make a choice.
  • Unwavering

    A Sister of Battle tests the bonds of faith
  • The Plan

    Lynetta is thankful for the Emperor's.
  • Holstered

    Honna Zhen hears the Saint.
  • Thudboota

    Some orks are not great with words.
  • Link Unbroken

    The fintal battle is upon them...

  • Experience-Smith

    Status: Ongoing

    To be an Experience-Smith—one of those lucky few who crafts realities for our AI overlords—takes more than just talent. The machines already got talent. They want experiences. The rawer, more fucked up, the better. And no one ExS has more fucked up experiences to spoon feed the bots than Stigfield.

    Stories in the Experience-Smith storyline:

  • The Experience-Smith

    The Experience-Smith has another terribily sad and satisfied customer.
  • The Taste of Failure

    Stigfield has another happy customer
  • The Engineer

    Stigfield drinks a can of wine or 6.